Aetherian Archive  Vanilla

The Aetherian Archive trial is located in southeastern Craglorn near the city of Elinhir. Within the tower, groups of twelve battle through a series of challenges and ultimately face the Mage.


Points 50
Aetherian Archive Completed
Defeat the Celestial Mage, freeing her from the Serpent's control.
Points 50
Aetherian Archive Conqueror
Defeat the Celestial Mage in Veteran Aetherian Archive.
Points 50
Time Trial: Aetherian Archive
Completed the Aetherian Archive within a time limit of 33 minutes.
Points 50
Aetherian Archive Difficult Mode
Defeat the Celestial Mage after taunting her by smashing the Aetherial Orbs.
Points 50
Craglorn Trials Conqueror
Complete Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, and Sanctum Ophidia at their highest difficulties.
  • Hel Ra Citadel, Difficult Mode Completed
  • Aetherian Archive, Difficult Mode Completed
  • Sanctum Ophidia, Difficult Mode Completed